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Designer finds creative use for Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Melody Glass Mosaic Tile

Melody Glass Mosaic Tiles

Bath project using Melody Glass Mosaic Tiles
Lance Jordan is a San Diego, California based Designer who recently worked with our Melody glass mosaic tiles for a client in San Diego. The project was rather detailed and very creative to say the least. We often receive photos of client’s renovation projects but we never heard what went in to the planning, design, and installation of the material. Lance was kind enough to send us some background information so we wanted to share it with you our Blog readers.

Lance’s San Diego client asked him to come up with some creative ideas for their bathroom remodel and their only criteria was that he incorporate some blue mosaics in the design.

Lance explains the project below:
The spiral floor design was to bring in the water element, with the shape of the room directing the overall design. We then decided that it would look best to bring the design up the face of the bath. This proved to be the biggest design challenge. Taking the blue mosaics from the floor and up the 90 degree face of the tub could only be achieved by a bottom cove and a very sharp left angle from floor on up the tub face.

Having gone this far in the design process, it brought up what to do in the counter and sink area. I opted for a built in pedestal for its sculptural effect as well as a base for the mosaics to run up from the floor design. A hidden service panel on the side was also designed for plumbing access.

The counter, a blue granite, with copper sink and sculpted birch drawer fronts were also designed to accentuate and integrate into the overall design. With the mosaic tile I wanted a pulsating transition from blue green, blue into a darker ultramarine blue. We went through more than a half dozen samples before deciding on the Melody glass mosaic tiles from Anchor Bay Tile. What drew me to these mosaics were two things. The way they shimmer in the light is very beautiful. Secondly is all the subtle variations within each color. I was able to achieve all the transitions I was going for with just 3 colors: Turchese, Esmeralda, and Zaffiro, with accents of Citron for the yellows and Lampone for the red element. All of this color was then juxtaposed to a warm soft toned butter creme marble.

One of the problems with mixing materials of various thicknesses is the need to build up the thin material to the thickness of the thicker material. This was achieved by using 1/4″ Hardi-backer cement board with the Melody glass mosaic tiles set on top. For setting the thin glass mosaics I used an acrylic mastic. If you are going to use a thinset, be sure to mix a liquid acrylic ad mix with your dry thinset since it will adhere better than the polymer reinforced thinsets that require water.

Lance Jordan is a classically trained artist who works as a multi media Artist / Craftsman out of his San Diego studio and onsite at client jobs. Lance is Available for Consultation / Concept design, development / Fabrication and installation. He can be reached at
Telephone: 619 276-6943

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